TeaZa Energy Pouches - Tropical Puck - 3 Cans

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Tropical Flavor (Contains 10 Pouches Per Container, 30 Pouches Total)

TeaZa is an all-natural energy supplement formulated by Brent Agin MD to provide a healthy alternative to traditional energy supplements. Dr. Agin created TeaZa to deliver safe, smooth energy and increased mental alertness and focus without the harmful crash often associated with many energy supplements. Herbs and vitamins are packed into a small pouch, which can be enjoyed with water as a tea or placed directly in your mouth between your lip and gums.

  • Increases energy and focus

  • Heightens mental focus

  • Provides oral stimulation substitute for gum, mints, seeds or tobacco products

  • Curbs cravings for snacks or tobacco products

  • Great taste long lasting flavor


Each powerful TeaZa® pouch is sugar free, gluten-free, nut-free, vegan, contains no calories and is packed with the herbs and vitamins.


Even though the products on this site contain no tobacco or nicotine, we have a strict age policy.  We will not knowingly sell anything to customers under 18 years of age.