Schmitty's Reserve CBD Snuff 3 Pack Variety (Mint, Original and Wintergreen)

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Schmitty's Reserve CBD Snuff

Schmitty's premium herbal snuff is made from only the finest ingredients.  Our product’s substrate is a specialty “select tea blend” which was chosen for its high antioxidants, vitamins and mineral content.  Studies have shown tea can help protect your teeth, heart and may also soothe your digestive system.

This product contains 250 MG Industrial Full Spectrum Hemp CBD oil.  The addition of the Hemp CBD makes this snuff ideal for anyone that wants to dip a high-quality herbal snuff with the added health benefits from Hemp CBD.  Research has indicated that Hemp CBD is the ideal natural remedy to a number of common health ailments including: chronic pain relief management, promotes relaxation, improved heart health, reduction of anxiety/depression issues, promotes a healthy weight, and improves several different kinds of skin problems. 


Even though the products on this site contain no tobacco or nicotine, we have a strict age policy.  We will not knowingly sell anything to customers under 18 years of age.