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Nip Energy Dip

Available in 5 flavors: Wintergreen Ice, Peach, Mixed Berry, Coffee, and Vanilla!

Nip Energy Dip is a unique, safe alternative to smokeless tobacco. Made from natural sea sponge infused with Vitamin B-12 and Caffeine, it was designed to help people break away from the powerful grip of nicotine addiction.

NiP Energy Dip contains NO NICOTINE, NO TOBACCO and is loaded with FLAVOR. The brainchild of a self-confessed Copenhagen addict, NiP Energy Dip was created after 25 years of use and abuse of smokeless tobacco.

Nip Energy Dip is a revolutionary product that offers smokeless tobacco users a unique delivery system loaded with a special combination of ingredients. Nip Energy Dip is a safe, healthy, ENERGY DIP alternative to smokeless tobacco.

It has been specially designed to help overcome nicotine cravings and help enhance mental and physical focus. Nip Energy Dip satisfies your body and mind. Nip’s effects are appreciated throughout the world by top athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, busy professionals, active students and drivers on long journeys.

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