BaccOff Herbal Chew

Several Flavor Options in both Original and Energized.  BaccOff was introduced in 1993 as the first tobacco free snuff made like real tobacco snuff. BaccOff is still recognized as premium non tobacco chew with all the characteristics that one expects in a high quality tobacco product. Our look, taste, texture and spitablility¬Ě are steps above the competition and are preferred by lifelong dip users trying to quit. This similarity to tobacco allows you to enjoy the pleasure of a good dip, without the harmful side effects. Our product is an herbal snuff made from FDA approved ingredients, including tea and mint leaves. BaccOff has helped thousands of people quit dipping and can help you or your loved one too.


Even though the products on this site contain no tobacco or nicotine, we have a strict age policy.  We will not knowingly sell anything to customers under 18 years of age.